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Advantages and Disadvantages of Organ Donation.

Research has shown that close to 53% of Americans have agreed to be organ donors. The number is still low though. There are still more donors needed to reduce the number of those in the transparent list and to prevent death.

More people are not sure whether they qualify to donate their organs. When it comes to the donor organ process the information available is scarce and there so many untruth surrounding it.

To ensure you have the right information about organ donation, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages.

Did you know organ donation has several benefits? Organ donors save the recipients lives. As long as you are healthy, you can donate your organ to people on the transplant list. Did you know organ donation can lift your self esteem?

You don’t have to be dead so that you can donate your kidney. That is if you choose to be a living donor.

In case you decide to donate your organs when you die, your family will be happy knowing you helped another family even when you are still not alive. A new relationship can be created between you and the recipient’s family.

The medical professionals need organs for research, you can help them by donating yours when you die. Professionals in the medical field come up with treatments from doing research on the organs donated to them.

Despite the plenty advantages of organ donation, it still has some disadvantages. It is not advisable to donate your organs if you have conditions such as HIV and cancer. Organ donation is not allowed for people whose organs are damaged. Chances of the recipient’s body rejecting your organs are high.

Your family can experience trauma during that period when you are on life support. this checklist compiled here can help your family in case of death. this checklist is important, especially if your family is finding the grieving process very emotional.

Putting these factors into consideration is important, before you become an organ donor. For example, you have to take time from work so that you can recover. It is important you talk with your employee, so that you can see if they will give you time off. After the organ donation, you will be required to make several changes in your lifestyle. Organ donation can also cause long life health issues.

Your decision on whether you should become an organ donor can be much easier with the points discussed in this checklist. If you have all the qualification in this checklist and you are ready to deal with the cons, in the long run you will have saved the recipient’s life.

Before you proceed with the organ donation, you will need to have the power of attorney written in your decision and other options in this checklist.

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